Causes And Environmental Effects Of Global Warming

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Global warming occurs when the earth suffers a general rise in its average temperatures. This has resulted from emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, water vapor and ozone into the atmosphere, these gases can stay within the atmosphere for very many years, for example carbon dioxide stays within the atmosphere for as long as 50 years to 200 years. These gases trap too much heat and light within the earth's atmosphere which under normal circumstances would be reflected into space. The gases thus create a situation similar to what would happen in a greenhouse where too much is maintained within the greenhouse only that in our scenario the excess heat and light is trapped within the earth's atmosphere. These gases have led to a rise in global average temperatures from approximately 13.70 C (56.50 F) one hundred years ago to approximately 14.40 C (57.90 F) currently.

The rise may seem very small but its environmental repercussions are a source of nightmares to the international community. While emission of these gases into the atmosphere is a very simple process its reversal is very hard and requires a lot of time and therefore at any one time its prevention would be the best solution. These gases are emitted into the atmosphere mainly by operations of man and mainly due to combustion of fossil fuels as a source of energy especially to power motor vehicle engines.

This has resulted in excess carbon dioxide within the atmosphere. Deforestation has made it even worse by reducing the number of trees that assist in conversion of carbon dioxide within the atmosphere into oxygen.

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