Accidents And Environment Disaster

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Nuclear energy was first started in December 2, 1942 at a University. When a person made a chain reaction with uranium. Power plants generates electricity by burning up fossil fuel, nuclear fission take place in Nuclear reactor which the was removed and cooled down by a cooling system to generate steam and then make the turbine connected to the generator and producing electricity.

The Chernobyl disaster was cause in 1986 and some others but that was a level 7 disaster, and there was accidents even in 2011 these 2 have cause many innocent people to die because of nuclear energy.Nuclear Energy should be abolished since it has affected the world, it also made the radiation and the risk of Nuclear energy high, and Environment Impact on nuclear energy.II. Topic SentenceNuclear energy has been around for a long time now but since after many accidents it should be removed, nuclear energy has affected many people around the world and people were shocked of what happened like the Chernobyl accident and which should make Nuclear energy be abolished.The Nuclear energy made an accident in 1986 which was the "Chernobyl disaster it was classified as a level 7, this disaster release air radiation to the west and affected people and which then some people had cancer and cost $18 billion and 31 people were dead" (Weeks).

It caused a lot of money and people died, many had cancer so the fault was on nuclear energy and it won't disappear now since the radiation is in the air, it affected many people around there.Nuclear energy radiation spread into the air and affect a lot of things around the accident. "The radiation was high there that it mutated animals and the environment around there was disturbing. It affected a lot of people around the globe, they putted signs up not to enter and people even made a shelter fund to help people that had cancer from it (Weeks)." It was a burden for the Soviet Union since they have to closed down the area just because some nuclear energy radiation and which they lost a lot of money and supplies in there.Another is that operators that operates nuclear energy was not trained well or lack of experience affected everyone around that place. (Weeks) People shouldn't even operate nuclear plants since maybe one day they might be exhausted and might have an accident even though their experts, if they got rid of nuclear energy this wouldn't have happened.III.

Topic SentenceNuclear energy made waste and so it had been stored and many places that's not that safe, and so it should be abolished.Nuclear reactors have waste disposal problem, they couldn't be thrown away like trash. So they stored it, the nuclear reactors only last for about 40-50 years and they could explode sometime.(Nuclear Power Guide) Nuclear energy produced this much waste and now they don't even know a safe spot to dispose it.The United States plans to move its nuclear waste to a remote underground dump by the year 2010. (Nuclear Energy ThinkQuest)In 1957, at a dump site in Russia's Ural Mountains, several hundred miles from Moscow, buried nuclear wastes mysteriously exploded, killing dozens of people.(Nuclear Energy ThinkQuest)IV.

Topic SentenceThere are many things that impact the environment like the fossil fuel, water supply and radioactive waste generation and which these should be removed."Nuclear power plants use fossil fuel emission which works with uranium mining and uranium enrichment and transport the uranium fuel from nuclear plant." (Nuclear Energy, EPA) Which the air from fossil fuel was mixes with the environment air and affected it."Nuclear power plants use large water for steam production and for cooling. Some Nuclear power plants remove large amount of water from lakes or river" (Nuclear Energy explained) and it could affect the fish and other lives when there using it for nuclear energy.Radioactive waste that is enriched with uranium ore into fuel and nuclear power plants generate low level radio waste and so they stored in closed power plants into an area is opened and the transportation vehicles have to be careful or they might spilled it when removing from the closed power plant. (Nuclear Energy, EPA)V.

Counter-ArgumentUsing fossil fuel to make electricity and heatIt ruins the environment by polluting the airSpends a lot of oil just to run uraniumRadioactive waste will be released and affect the area around the nuclear power plant.VI. ConclusionNuclear Energy should be abolished since it has affected the world, it also made the radiation and the risk of Nuclear energy high, and Environment Impact on nuclear energy.Nuclear energy should be abolish because the people uses a lot of environment resources, waste being stored and certain areas, that may affect the environment or it could sometimes explode, and the effect of Chernobyl around the areas. These all have been heard of and should be spread around the world and show that nuclear energy should be abolished.Get Rid of it!Work Cited"Nuclear Energy." EPA. Environmental Protection Agency, n.d. Web.

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