Energy Saving In Higher Institution Building

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Within this few years, more and more people concern on some global issues which are global warming, high energy price and reduce omission of green house gases. Consider that the energy price will stand higher in future, the Ministry of Education has urged all education centers to save energy. There are a lot of researches have been done and showing that overall energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission is significant in majority of higher educational institutions due to their large number of building.

There are getting few type of the strategies toward the administrator of the higher educational institutions conduct on the own building in an effort to reduce the energy consumption and reduce electricity bill. The most common strategies they using are increase energy awareness and energy use behavior among users, install passive solar technology system and installing information technology system inclusive of Building Automation System (BAS), Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM), Building Energy Management System (BEMS) to control and monitoring energy usage.Energy saving not simply only save money, it also make good impact to environmental issues. Energy resources we using now in majority of fossil fuel, each energy unit we using corresponding with certain amount of green house gases emission.

Energy demand projected increase in the future, at that time green house gases in the atmosphere will stand at higher level than today. Energy saving able to reduce energy consumption and created a positive impact on reducing overall carbon dioxide emission, make environment better.


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