Impacts On Power Generation In Nigeria

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generation. It also examines the causes and consequences of climate change on Nigeria. It was found that electricity demand will increase significantly due climate change and consequently a negative effect on the biomass .Mitigating policies has been suggested like optimizing energy mix, by developing low carbon and renewable energy, formulating relevant law and regulations and promoting technology advancement and economic restructure.Climate change is a major global issue of common concern to the International Community. It is an issue involving both environment and development, but it is ultimately an issue of development. Climate change will have wide-ranging impacts on society and the infrastructure that supports civilization.

Global warming could impact not only on agriculture and human health but also patterns of human settlement, energy use, transportation, industry, environmental quality and other aspects of infrastructure that affect our quality of life (IPCC, 1990).Numerous examples from history illustrate how the success of civilization and human welfare is intimately linked to climate (Gore, 1993). Fossil-fuel use will affect future climate. Fossil-fuels, currently the mainstay of economically developed countries, supply energy either directly as fuel or indirectly as generated electricity, for manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and space heating. Future green house gas (GHG) emissions and resultant climate change will depend largely on future rates of fossil-fuel consumption.Many complex and interacting factors determine the consumption rate of fossil fuels.

Demand is a result of population growth rate, availability of fossil fuel, energy efficiency, conservation measures and use of non-fossil energy sources, general industrial productivity, energy policy and future climate (Hardy, 2003). All these factors will affect fossil-fuel utilization rates and future climate.This paper examines how climate change influences power and energy generation in general, with emphasis on the Nigeria Case. specifically, it will examine the concept, causes and effects of climate change; world energy scene, Nigeria energy scene, effects of energy use on climate, key areas for GHG, mitigation, alternative energy sources and Nigeria's efforts in mitigating climate change.1.2

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