Status Of Electricity Generation In Malaysia

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Energy can be in many forms, mainly can be divided into three categories: renewable energy, non-renewable energy, and nuclear power. Renewable energy is the energy generated from the nature sources, such as wind, sunlight, water (by means of hydraulic and tides), geothermal heat, and biomass. Non-renewable energy could be of fossil fuels which are remains from the decomposition of plants and animals.

Energy sources like coal, petroleum and natural gas could be the main types under this category. Nuclear power is the power which is produced from controlled continuous nuclear reactions. Generally there are two type of nuclear reaction: fusion and fission.In Malaysia, there are mainly two types of electricity generations, which is in terms of thermal generations and hydropower generation (Malaysia Power Report 2009). Thermal generations are widely used in Malaysia, mostly use fossil fuel and coal as the inputs. Hydroelectricity generated by hydropower, which is derived from the force or energy of moving water.Table 2.1 shows the comparison table for Asia pacific power generation from year 2006 until 2013.

From the table below, it has clearly shown the increment of power generation against those countries among the world, including Malaysia. It is expected that electricity demand of Malaysia will increase continuously, as the reason of fast development of Malaysia economy.Table 2.1

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