Lab - Introduction to Laboratory Techniques

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The goal of this lab is to familiarize ourselves with basic laboratory equipment and how to use this equipment. Simple measurements will be performed to aid this process.

Pre-Lab Questions:
No pre-lab for lab 1.


In part one we learned the basics to reading volumes. We practiced on two graduated cylinders, an Erlenmeyer flask, and a burette. They were pre-filled with water to random points and we took approximate measurements. Measurements were recorded along with the standard deviation.

In part two we practiced taking measurements with a precise digital scale. We learned how to zero the device using the tare feature. We discovered that post-1983 pennies weighed less than pre-1982 pennies because different metals were used.

In part three we used the skills learned in part two to weigh a flask with and without water. We then recorded the temperature of water in the flask and compared that to a table of densities for several temperatures of water. Two of our temperatures were not on the table, so we used averages to compute the approximate densities. Using the recorded weight of the approximate 5mL of water in the flask along with the density, we calculated the exact volume of the water.

In part four we learned how to determine the accuracy of our thermometer with the aid of a Bunsen burner and ice. We set our flame at an appropriate level and waited for the water to come to a boil then recorded the temperature. We waited for our ice to come to equilibrium with the surrounding water and then read the temperature. Then, we adjusted for our current atmospheric pressure and plotted the results on a graph.[/img][img][/img]

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