Purpose Of Computer Components Computer Science

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There are many peripherals inside computer base, which process instruction via buses/wires to other hardware/software. Those are hardware's that works together and shows output/input. Such as "Motherboard"," Monitor", " Operating system", "Keyboard", "Mouse", "Speakers", "CPU (Central Processing Unit)", "Hard Disk (storage devices)" and "Graphic card /video card". My aim is to describe about hardware, role of hardware and specification. Nowadays, technology growing very fast, even mobile, PDA works as computer, without having hardware like computer. In this report, the user will get more knowledge about hardware. The CPU is main device to maintain and provides order to RAM. If we go to deep then, the CPU has for factor of execution, such as PC (program controller), CU (control unit), and ALU (arithmetic logic unit) and finally is storage (registers). But "clock" is important device which maintain frequency (voltage) within computer system. A RAM is short term memory hardware which gets order from CPU and sends it hardware to run and launch. A RAM have priority to transmit data to anywhere within system. Secondary memory is non volatile because it holds data for permanent and CPU is not direct contacting with memory. A magnetic disk and optical device is secondary device because you use that device anywhere and any location by modelled by USB system. A supportive device and input/output devices also important to support other device for improve efficiency, performance and execution.

Process of computer system

Other I/O e.g. USB, ETHERNET and other components

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