Database systems development

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This is a research based paper for a book selling organisation ,which has a number of databases for storing the information of different departments like stocklevels,prices,suppliers, and customers,as its want to increase its market position,and it decided to develop a data warehouse,which can integrates these four databases in deatailed analysis.In this research ,we see differnet datamodels like relational database,object-relational data base and object-oriented database and observing if any problem are there in any of the datamodels and also with traditional dataware house..finally what benefits are there in datawarehouse as organisation wants to use it.


The paper entitled Data base management system is developed to make to store large amounts of data for a worldwide internet bookselling organisation which uses currently number of databases to store the information for different departments which areas stock levels,prices,suppliers and customers,and also they are using number of databases. But now as they want to increase there market position,they are deciding for a database which not only store large amount of information of different departments,but they want the database in a detailed analysis,which can integrate the data of four databases of stocklevels,prices,suppliers and customers and manage them with a detailed data analysis.After which the the databases can integrates the detailed information of any of the departments in the organization.

The organisation has decide to develop a dataware house which can integrate these four databases of stocklevels,prices,suppliers and customers.the organisation wants the develop a data warehouse where the manage to access and store large amount of data for differnet departments,and infuture they may not get a problem while storing the data ,of differnet department,and they want the databases should be connected with each other,so it is easy to retireve the data of any other departements database in detailed way,with respective information.

In this paper we see the different types of datamodels,which are used by the book selling organisation they are realtional database,object-relational database and object oriented database and there benefits,there problems for there organisation.a short report on traditional data warehouse,and critcally evaluating the the database which we are good for this book selling that the data is stored in a detailed way,with integrating of different departments in detailed way.At last we discuss the summary for this abstract and the research paper wriiten for the given scenario.

Types of databases used in an organisation:
  1. Relational database:

    A relational database which consists of many relation in form like two dimensional tables of rows and columns.when data is organised into two table in which one for use and other for programmer,which is the logical view of database.The data which is stored on computer system is internal view.there are many such restrictions are considered while storing the data in relation database,which are called constraints.There are four types of constraints,there are domain constraints,key constraints,entity integrity constraint and referigration integer constraints.

    Relational database uses Structured Quesry Language(sql).As sql considers with data definition,modification,query and constraint specification.for example: oracle for orcale company,microsoft for microsoft company.


  1. The user can store data in two or more relational database within system,ie structured query language.
  2. The data in this database has access of large storage capacity


  1. The main disadvantage ,is that it doest'nt have applications of images,spatial and specifications of the data.
  • Object Oriented Relational Database:
  • The object oreinted database systems that create a database model,which helps for development obejct oriented features like encapsulation,inheritance and polymorphism.where encapsulation is used to protect the code to which not access by another outside browser .Inheritance is the process in which inheritance with a object with previuosly define objects .polymorphism is which that allow to opearate a symbol with a part is object only.Object Oriented are unique object identifier(OIDS),because the object can be easily identified.The object oreinted has a strong connection between application and database which results in less code more data structure and with good reusability code object or large kie (c++,java)helps to reduce the data than that of SQl in related


    • It has poor performance,query optimisation in high capability,
    • It also having the problem of scalability
    • Unable to work for large oraganisation

  • Object-Relational Database:
  • Object-relational database is well define as the database which is design is to achieve the benefits and relations and object module like scalability and considerations of rich data types.Object-relational database model is which that attempts to object oreinted feature in Relational database management system,where databases are stored on the table.The object-relational database ,suppose exit in sql which are still in development stage.

    Characterstics Of Object-Relational DataBase:
    • Data type extends
    • help in complex objects
    • inheritance
    • rule systems


    Object-relational database allows users to define data types functions and oeprates the functiionality of object-oriented database increases along with its perfection

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