Mobility Models In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Computer Science

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Mobile Ad Hoc is a self constructive network of mobile nodes connected by wireless link to form at arbitrary topology exclusive of existing infrastructure. MANET's network topology unpredictable and change quit frequently due to its dynamic nature. MANET's networks are similar to traditional networks however posses few challenges mainly due to mobility of communicating nodes. This essay report illustrates the investigation of different mobility models and challenges of mobile ad hoc networks faces during communication.


//The vital growth of online multimedia services in digital ecosystem increased the potential uses of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. Mobile Ad Hoc Networks gained popularity over the last decade as of its highly dynamic nature and usefulness. The rapid deployment and self configuring attributes enhanced its acceptance in wide variety of use such as battle field, disaster relief, surveillances.

The Mobile Ad Hoc Network builds networks instinctively without the aid of infrastructure. The each node in the network acts as end node or intermediate node //due to decentralize nature of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [1] [2]. However, with advent of wireless technology the use of mobile ad hoc networks increased, due to its robustness but the various major constraints such as limited battery charge, frequently change of topology and security issues makes its use susceptible.

Mobility Models

The mobility models uses in MANET's network to define the movement of wireless mobile node [3].

Types of Mobility Models

There are two types of mobility models

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