The Evolution Of Computers And The Internet Computer Science

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Overtime the internet has evolved and the capabilities have been enhanced and extended from basic HTML for static content to include other programming languages which give the user a more dynamic and interactive experience. When writing web applications there are two types of programming languages that enable the interactive experience. These are client-side scripting languages and server-side programming languages. The client side script enables code to run on the client without posting back data to the server for processing giving the user a more performing experience. The server-side code processes input from the client like storing the data into a database for further processing or reporting.

When deciding what client-side scripting language to choose there are a number of factors to consider. The most relevant being what the target browser is. If the web applications being developed are all intranet applications with IE as the target browser then VBScript is a valid choice when Visual Basic is the chosen server-side programming language. However if these conditions are not met then javascript offers a better browser coverage and its deficiencies can be worked around and catered for.

The two Web applications choices that this report covers are PHP and Both of these have their good points and can be used to write small internet applications or enterprise intranet applications. After analysing the differences is a better choice for enterprise intranet applications where PHP is the better choice for internet web applications.

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On February 26 2010 Tony Assadi, Internet Application Development tutor, requested a report on Programming languages used to develop web applications.

This report is due on 22 March 2010.