Design Phase Development And Testing Computer Science

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Research methodology on the whole provides a general framework for any system development.

The main purpose of research methodology is to accomplish the objectives of research in steady manner.

This chapter discusses about research methodology framework of the mouse movement starting from the planning phase until the testing phase that eventually produce results that important to this study.

As mouse movement falls under behavioural sciences, the methodology focuses on developing mathematical or statistical models for understanding human behaviour.

(Yutaka, 2005).

This chapter consists of planning phase, analysis phase, design phase and develop phase and lastly testing design.

Figure 3.1 below shows the overall framework of this research.

Phase 1: Planning


Project Objectives

Project Scope

Phase 2: Analysis

Literature Review

Biometric System

Mouse Biometric System

Phase 3: Design Phase, Development and Testing

Data Capture Module works when an application is created to collect data that regarding the mouse behaviour of a user when the user is using mouse to interact with the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Feature Extraction Module works when the raw data are applied with calculations that will help in extracting feature characteristics that resulting a mouse movement profile and measurement of a user.

Classifier Module works to verify the features profiles and classify the patterns that can differentiate each user according to the classification of nearest neighbour using Euclidean distance.

The classifier results can be further analysed by finding the success rate of matching algorithm or the accuracy of the matching process.

Figure 3.1: Project Methodology Framework3.2