Literature Survey On Mobile Database Tools Computer Science

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This report presents that how the usage of mobile computing devices dramatically increases over the past decade. So the features of these devices as well as the software used on those devices also developed. So both commercial and open source mobile database tools are used drastically. So the features of those mobile database tools are clearly depicts in this literature survey.


Due to the increasing advancements in wireless communication technology and the development of high power mobile computing devices enabled users to use computing resource while being anywhere in the network.

Mobile database tools enable the development and deployment of relational database applications in these hand held devices. Because of those mobile database tools mobile work force can access to their cooperate databases remotely and extract data and work offline on those data and later time synchronization can be done. Users can access to the corporate database from being anywhere in the mobile network covered area. Several mobile database tools dominates in the industry which are having some similar features with each other.


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