What Is A Computer System Computer Science

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A Computer System Basically refers to a system which includes the Computer, Software and the Peripheral devices which are needed for the computer to function.

However the needs among different types of users differ.

For example a Basic Computer System cannot run with the computer alone, it will need a system software like an operating system and Peripheral devices such as a mouse,keyboard and monitor.

Furthermore, depending on the needs of the user neccasary additions could be made to the basic Computer System such as introducing peripheral devices like printers and scanners, installing appication softwares like Ms Office and Adobe Reader.

Computer Systems are of Different types they vary in terms of performance, storage, cost and size.

Different types of Computer Systems and there uses in this modern world

There are different types of Computer Systems such as Micro Computers, Mini Computers, Mainframe Computers and Super Computers.

These computer systems depends on user preferences such as storage capacity, speed and cost.

Micro Computers:

Known as the type of computer which is used on a daily basis and is used by a greater ratio of users around the world.

Micro Computers are single user computers and the smallest type of computer system when compared to the other Computer Systems , this type of computer system depends on a micro processor which controls all the functions of the CPU.

The cost, power consumption and performance of Micro Computers are low when compared to the other computer systems.

In a computer network a Micro Computer in most cases is used as a client.

Micro Computers in todays world are in different varieties from the traditonal Desktop computers to Portable Computers such as Laptops and PDA’s.

Examples of places where Micro Computers are used in todays world are:

For Domestic Purposes:

In homes today computers have become a basic need just like food, clothing and shelter.

Computer in homes serves us in several ways such as Communication, Entertainment, Internet and Storing,viewing or editing data and documents.


Entertainment is a vital part of our life, the computers today play a major role in entertainment.

A user could access, store, view or edit his entertainment related data such as Games and Media files.

With the help of the internet user could access,Publish, upload or Download entertainment related data such as Media files and Games.


It is known as a public network to the users and the internet is flooded with information of all types.

Communication is a very important part in a human beings life, By using the internet we could communicate with one or many users from different parts of the world within seconds.

The most common methods of communicating via internet are E-Mail, Social Network websites and applications such as Msn Messenger and Skype.

The internet is flooded with informations of all kinds such as News,personal needs and offical or educational needs .

A user could access, publish, upload and download information.

In todays world businnesses and shopping run via internet under the name called E-Commerce.

The internet has served the educational needs of a user under the name called E-Learning.

Access,Store,View or edit data and documents:

With the help of application softwares such as Ms office, a user could view, store of modify data.

Data such as home budgeting details and accounts could be stored.

A user could plan and store his schedules.

As a Client:

In most networks which follow the Client-Service Architecture the micro computer is used as a Client computer in businesses,hospitals,governments,security forces e.t.c.

Client-Server Architecture:

Usually in a network there is a greater ratio of client computers, since micro computers are low in cost, power consumption and size it is the best the choice for a client.

In terms of performance and storage capacity a micro computer is ideal for a client computer.

Mini Computers:

Is a Multi-User Computer which is used as a server in computer networks.

Mini computers have a relatively high performance when compared to micro computers.

“in general, a minicomputer is a multiprocessing system capable of supporting from 4 to about 200 users simultaneously.� (webopedia-mini computer)

Examples of places where Mini Computers are used in todays world are:

As a Server:

Client-Server Architecture:

In terms of cost, power consumption and performance the mini computer is relatively higher than the micro computer.

Mini computers may contain more than one processor because they undertake high workloads and multi tasking.

A mini computer can only handle about 200 users simultaniously therefore it is ideal as a server for small to medium scale businesses if cost is a concern.

Mainframe Computers:

Is a Multi-User computer which is used as a server for commercial purposes, especially in large organizations.

A main frame computer is capable of supporting thousands of computer users simultaniously.

The power consumption,cost and performance are higher than Mini Computers and Micro Computers.

A main frame computer is also larger in size when compared to a mini computer or micro computer.

Mainframe computers are used in banks as servers for ATM machines, used as servers for insurance companies, Telecom companies,large educational institutions or universities, even in certain hospitals, Website search engine industries like google,yahoo,Msn and many more.

Examples of places where Micro Computers are used in todays world are:

As a server:

Client-Server Architecture:

In medium to large scale businesses a MainFrame computer is used as a server.

In terms of Performance, Storage capacity and The number of clients it can handle is very high when compared to a Mini computer.


A MainFrame computer is used as a client in most of the banks because of it ability to handle a huge number of clients, its powerful performance and massive storage capacity.

A bank usually has a large database of customer details and a huge number of client computers.

A server is assigned to handle a huge number of ATMs, for example: a paticular area, District or the Whole country itself.

Large Web based companies:

A MainFrame computer is used as a server for Large Web based companies like google because of its ablility to handle a large number of requests made by the client.

In Universties or Campuses:

A MainFrame computer is used as server for universities because it is used to store student and staff details, accounts and financial details, projects and research information of students.

Super Computers:

Is a Multi-User Computer which is used Mainly for Scientific Purposes.

The power consumption, purchasing cost, maintanence costs, performances and storage capacity is very high when compared to a mainframe computer .

A Super Computer can handle a few programs when compared to a MainFrame computer but what makes the Super Computer special is that it allocates maximum power into those few programs in order to complete a task as fast as possible.

Examples of places where Super Computers are used in todays world are:

Scientific Purposes:

Super Computers are used for Weather Forecasting, Complex Mathematical calculations, Bio Engineering and Quantum Mechanics and many more.

The reason why super computers are the most preferrable choice is because it utilizes and prioritizes the maximum power in order to complete a task as fast as possible.