The Positive Impacts Of E Book Computer Science

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The Electronic Book, also known as e-book, is a text and image-based device that are readable in digital devices. E-books are usually read using specific devices such as e-Readers. E-books have been introduced for some time now and it has become one of the sources of information for people around the globe. E-books have proved that it has many positive impacts.

One of the positive impacts is e-books are more mobile compared to printed books. E-books can be found on the internet without any limitation. There are millions of e-books available to be downloaded and most of them are free of charge. Besides that, printed books are more costly and harder to find. This shows e-books do not need to be stored into devices as they are available online and can be downloaded anytime. Although the e-book readers are more expensive compared to printed books but the e-book are comparatively cheaper than printed books. This can save more money by using e-books.

Another impact is that e-books can be read faster as they are electronically functioned. Users do not need to flip pages one by one like they use to do when reading printed books. This can save valuable time as time is precious. Information from e-books can be obtained easier and in much more faster rate as users can instantly highlight and copy notes into word documents in their devices. This can improve their knowledge in various topics. E-books are also more interactive as it comprises of many multimedia content. Learning process will be more efficient through the usage of e-book.

E-books can be stored in devices that are smaller in size compared to printed books. E-books do not occupy large space of memory in these devices. Therefore, large collection of e-books can be stored in a single device and can be carried anywhere easily. Whereas printed books occupy large space and it is difficult to move the books from one place to another. Users can just place their devices into their backpacks and bring them around without any effort. Users can also access the e-books anywhere as the devices are battery operated.

Moreover, e-books can be read by visually impaired users as they are readable in low lights because the e-books readers have flashes. Users can also change the font and enlarge the text. This enables long-sighted users to read easily. The devices are also equipped with text-to-speech software whereby readers can listen to the computer generated voice that reads the text instead of reading the long texts. There are no limitations for any type of users to use e-books as e-books have various useful functions that enhance reading process.

On top of that, e-book has functionality of translating texts to various languages. Users can now read materials from various languages that they had difficulty reading before as they were printed in different languages. Users can gain information from different sources as they are available in understandable languages. Users from different countries can now obtain knowledge about other cultures and traditions. This can enhance relationship between different kinds of people who were then far apart as language barrier was a factor.

E-books are also more secured compared to printed books. This is because e-books can be recovered in case of damaged or infected files but printed books are much more difficult to recover if lost. E-books can be recovered without any cost and stored easily. Whereas printed books have to be bought which some are expensive to buy. Lost printed books are sometimes hard to be discovered as it might be limited edition or no more in sale. It is also hard to find books in libraries as they are limited numbers of copies and has to be returned back once they are borrowed.

E-books are stored in devices that last longer and less prone to damages. The devices are also capable of withstanding any types of environment. Printed books cannot last long and more prone to damages. They have to be taken care carefully in order to last long. The books can get damaged easily due to harsh handling. E-books do not use paper ink that are used to print books will eventually fade after a long time. E-books are viewed in LCD’s that produces images that are clearer and sharper compare to printed books.

Furthermore, e-books are also environmentally friendly. E-books do not use papers as printed books. The usage of papers require cutting down the trees to produce papers. This pollutes the environment as less oxygen is produced and accumulation of carbon dioxide that leads to green house effect. Besides that, this also contributes many other disasters that may damage the Earth as well as mankind. E-books also do not use ink as ink is also produced using natural resource. Generally, e-books can improve our environment to be more conducive to live.

E-books can be distributed easily and indefinitely as authors can self distribute their books. This method is cheaper and faster compared to distribution of printed books. E-books can be purchased or downloaded and used immediately. Whereas printed books have to be purchased in bookstores or borrowed from library. This is considered time-consuming while bookstores and libraries are only open for limited hours and some books require delivery from different place which makes it even longer.

Besides that, e-books can be updated easily as updated versions can be downloaded online. It is also cheaper in cost compared to updating printed books. Updating process for printed books require books to be reprinted and cannot be updated frequently as it is costly. In addition, any updates to the content in e-books are much faster as can be updated immediately after downloading it. Users can stay updated as contents can e downloaded online. Users do not need to wait for updated printed versions that take long time and available in limited places.

E-books can also be shared easily as they can be sent through email. This way would enable a single book can be read by many people. This is also a way for readers to share their experience with their others. They do not need to borrow books to their friends and wait for that person to finish reading in order to be borrowed to another person. E-books make this simpler and faster just by emailing them to others and it’s free. Now, everyone can enjoy reading the books that readers would like to share with others.

There are many electronic devices that read files of different formats and e-books are available in various formats that enable them to be read in these devices. This means readers do not have to buy specific readers to read e-books as they can use their existing devices to read those e-books. Readers can save cost by this way as they do not have to spend on e-book readers. Examples of formats are HTML, PDF and CHM. These formats are supported by most of the electronic devices and these can be used to view e-books.

To add on, some people would like the traditional way to read books. Fortunately, e-books are printable and they can be printed inexpensively by using home printers or any printing shops. This can give the pleasure as readers read in traditional way and saving cost at the same time. This will not waste any excessive amount of papers as only text will be printed. It is also more convenient as readers can print it at home or any nearest printing shops. This will also save the readers’ time because readers can print immediately after downloading the e-books.

Further, e-book can be viewed even when the readers are offline although some of the links can only be viewed online. This gives readers to read e-book at leisure times or when there is no internet connection. Readers do not have to be online whenever they want to read e-book. E-books can be written into CD-ROMs’ or floppy disks and viewed offline. Readers have the freedom to read the e-books anywhere and at anytime. This also proves that e-book is one of the reliable source of information as it can viewed whilst offline.

In conclusion, e-books have many positive impacts that are useful to readers worldwide. Therefore, everyone should start using e-book as support to development of new technologies that improves our lifestyle. E-books would be useful if it is used appropriately as it is still in primitive form. Lastly, e-books should be encouraged and used by everyone for their own benefit.

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