The Background Of Globus Computer Science

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Globus its self a community for open source software development (OGSI) and relate documentation for the creation of grid technologies. Globus toolkit is a technology to create grid systems. It consist software and libraries to manage resources, manage files, monitoring, discovery and security. Globus toolkit is basic medium for IT corporations for the building of major grid products. Its goal was that time to produce grids with high processing power those just alternative of supercomputers. Its open resource ability gave freedom to anyone to use and study it and can make some improvements due this lots of advance version came out with better functionality (Ian Foster, Carl Kesselman et al. 2002)[1]. It is also a tool for creating web services by using different web languages C, Java and Python. In 1998 first version of Globus Toolkit (GT) released, and version 2.0 was released in 2002. It was developed by using C programming language, first it was useful for LINUX platforms and it was not fully supported for Microsoft platforms. (Lock, R 2002) (Russell Lock. 11 February 2002 "An introduction to the Globus toolkit"). Globus Toolkit 2 consist of components Grid Resource Allocation Management (GRAM), Grid File Transfer Protocol (GridFTP) and Monitoring and Discovery Service (MDS). The protocol used for all these components connection security was Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI). In 2002 Globus Toolkit wins R&D 100 award as "Most Promising New Technology". [2]

In 2003 Globus Toolkit version 3.0 came out, its foundation service was OGSI (open grid services infrastructure and OGSA (open grid services architecture with new management services. [3]

GT4 was introduced by Globus Alliance in 2005 it was an advance version of GT3 which includes web services functionality. It is a tool to build enterprise level grids. It best for advance Web Service Interpretability (WS-I) which is best for connecting different environments. GT4 use Security Mark-up Language (SAML) and Extensible Access Control Mark-up Language (XACML) for authorization standards to build secure grids and web services. GT4 uses OASIS standards Web Service Resource Framework (WS-RF) and Web Service Notification. GT4 includes high security features which make it best for implementing secure grid environments. Global Grid Forum (GGF) with the participation of lot of key companies and standard bodies doing research on open source Globus Toolkit. Now Globus Toolkit got successfully used in educational and business computing research. [4]

GT4 is a service oriented architecture which consist libraries, services, protocols and software for the developers to build either easy or complex systems easily. GT4 based on lots of components can be described in five types. One is Security this component relay on grid security infrastructure (GSI) deliver secure communication over grid environment. Second Common Runtime it contains tools and libraries those necessary to build web services (WS) and non web services. Data Management in virtual organizations it helps us to manage bulk of data.

Information Services is a monitoring and discovery tool for resources over virtual organization also called Monitoring and Discovery Service (MDS). Execution Management is used to manage, schedule, monitor and coordinate jobs over grid. [5]

Figure 1

The figure 1 shows the complete architecture of GT4 components. In which it provides both Web services components on the left hand side and non-web service components on the right side which is using in GT4. And on the client side it shows the custom applications and third party tool that are using the GT4 services or its enabled services. All components using web service interoperability and security mechanism, so in that case they can communicate with each other and other web service components as well.GT 4 also supports entity certificate and proxy certificate for client to check their authentication and credential for both web based and non web based components.[6]

A set of predefined service implementations which shows at the bottom half of the figure, these are execution management (GRAM, Grid Way, MPICH-G2), data access and movement (Reliable file transfer 'RFT' provides web based data transfer), GridFTP provides reliable data transfer optimised for very high bandwidth of wide area network, OGSA-DAI providing pure java services for access and data integration on grids), replica management(RLS,DRS), monitoring and discovery system(MDS),Web MDS, MDS-Trigger, MDS-Index, instrument Management (Grid Telecontrol protocol for online instrument

control),credential and security management (Delegation services, My Proxy provides storage and access of X.509 credential in repository, Certificate Authority, CAS/SAML Utilities, C Security). (Ian Foster, 2006)[7].

The three containers used for the client services which are developed in Java, C and Python. These containers provide implementations of security, monitoring, management, discovery, and other services which are required usually in building services. They can be used for open source service client environment for useful web service (WS) design, also web service resource framework (WSRF), web service notification and web service security.[8]

The third phase of figure is client libraries which allow the client programs built in Java, C, and Python to cite operations in both global toolkit 4 and other user defined services. These containers provide the integration with other components like web services, Soap Engines, implementation of other web services specification to produce different containers. Most individual GT4 services implement common WS interfaces for performance, monitoring, discovery, representation, data access and subscription. It also provides common messaging and security communication among different applications and services. Efficient authorization frame work provides identical and standardize access for different range of application and services as well.

Most people are using nowadays GT4 but by the release of GT5 from the GT development team the GT 4 can be usable up till the end of 2010. In GT 5 the team developed the numerous updated components like bug fixes, and new features over GT 4. It can also provide the improved GRAM by substantial background compatible advancements [9].

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