Java Theory Java Program Computer Science

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Java is a high level object orient programming language which is in tradition of C and C++. Java was created in 1991 by a team headed by James Gosling. This language originally called "Oak" but in 1995 renamed "Java" because they discovered that another company used Oak as a trademark. Between 1992 and 1995 java has developed a lot. Today java is the most popular and powerful programming language. Java has several significant differences from other programming languages. These significant differences will be examined below.

Platform independence

Platform independence is the one main reason of popularity of java programming language. Platform independence means java programs can be run on many different computers. A java program can run on any computer with a JRE (Java Runtime Environment). JRE can run on almost all type of computers .Any version of windows, Unix or Linux computers, Mac computers, mainframe computers even cell phones can run java.

Before java, other programming languages made a prediction about platform independence by providing compliers for different platforms. The aim of the idea was user could compile different versions of the programs for each platform. But unfortunately this idea never worked as they promised. The compliers weren't identical on each platform. Each platform had its own nuances. Therefore user had to maintain

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