Types Of Intrusion Detection Computer Science

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Intrusion Detection - You can think about the Intrusion Detection as a everyday life. For example monitoring system, it could be matched also as a person who got recorded on the camera in shop while he was stealing, or a person who was trying to guess your pin code in ATM. In the network Intrusion Detection is the task to detect any intrusion that tries to compromise user confidentiality, integrity or availability of a resource, in other words attacker is trying to gain a much information as possible for their own purpose. When the Intrusion Detection take automatic actions without asking user for permission, then it's called Intrusion Prevention System. Intrusion Detection can be used via 2 ways:

This way is performed by system. It's called Intrusion Detection System (IDS). There are 2 ways of this approach. One of those approaches called host based is done by monitoring system calls, log files. Other approach is called network based which monitors the flow of network packets and any abnormal traffic.

When the intrusion detection occurs, IDS will login relevant information to a file or database. It will also generate email alert or generate message to a pager or mobile phone depending on settings that were made.

Some of the Intrusion Detection Tools:


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