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Ongoing success of the e-commerce based on quality of web site and relations between parties involve in business and its success sometimes depends on buyer's satisfaction. Therefore researchers giving more attention to develop, testing and applying e-business success measure. Researcher studied less than 5% of customers shopping at physical stores, engaged on line for shopping, therefore urgent need was understand online customers and give them more desirable website. [1]

I shall provide a e-commerce site for Bedfordshire student using best practice usability techniques where they can upload used items for sale and buying where student have to sign in for using the system .

1.1 Problem:

The problem emerged after survey on usability system and customer's satisfaction. While shopping online the problems occurs in forgot password system, lots of option available like sending password recovery line to customer's email and security question but this is not enough protection for customers.

New customers as well as existing customers need help or need to enquire and in general all the time they do not get customer support that sometime depends on time taking correspondence and it may lose the patience or interest of the customer.

Main aim :

Develop a e-commerce site for the students of Bedfordshire of used items for sale and purchase having front end as ASP.Net using C# ,Jquery and back end as SQL Server 2005 . Focus is on the usability of e- commerce by using heuristic and user testing.


The objective of this research is to develop a e-commerce to use to best usability techniques and to critically evaluate the different approaches to usability

.Design process:

Technical analysis, design the web site and usability testing, if get time the usability feedback could be incorporate.

There will be user feedback in web design process which will help for future development in technique. This design will allow user to shopping and sale, provide unique user technique for password recovery and 24Ã-7 customer support.

1.3 Methodology:

For this project the prototyping approach is perfect as development method of this project is known but nature of application is uncertain. E-commerce site is human computer interface business application and for this technology the prototype methodology tends to be use to be confined to the nature of operation interaction. [3]

I choose Paper prototype with paper and pencil, draw the prototypes at the early stage of the project design it means less chance of some changes and less time to invest as paper prototype have many advantages, this gives the way to evaluate the design early and quickly through user testing. Prototype helps to manage the project.[4]

Heuristic evaluation and user testing, heuristic evaluation will be visibility of system status, user control and friendly, consistency and standard, flexible to use.

Anticipated Artefact / Outcomes:

This Web-Application will help students to Registration, Login, Post/ Modify/

Delete Used-Product, Buy & Sell Used-Product; Unique Transaction ID will

be used to track the status of each product. Search Option for finding the

Product.  Unique password system and 24*7 customer support is provided   

Students can sign in and sign out


Unique system for password recovery.

24*7 customer support service.

Search items by Category, price

Upload Items for sale and purchase, payment mode

2. Research:

This research starts with literature review, where tried to clarify the background of

usability system of e-commerce and the concept and in the specific studies section

clarify some issues involve with the subject, next section technology describes what

technology has been used for this research and existing concepts and final section

of the research case studies focused on some special cases and compare with

existing technique and then conclusion.

2.1] background: Ongoing success of E-Commerce and latest development

E-commerce is fast growing technology. If you consider it's background then we can consider is the most popular example of e-commerce, the journey has been started from 1995, still it is equally popular because of its fast adopting usability system and trustable security.

Quality Service of e-commerce makes the site popular as customers need proper usability system and protection and finally customer reaction makes e-commerce site popular [5].

2.1.1 Usability:

Usability is a system that ensure how, where and when users enter your

website, [4]. Usability is the main key factor of e-commerce site, as usability and service quality of the any e-commerce site both value the customer's satisfaction when service encounter on that site.

2.1.2 Heuristic testing:

Science 1990 usability became a key issue, Nielsen and Molich introduced a new method to evaluate the user interface which known as heuristic evaluation. A group of usability expert evaluate the user interfaces with set of methods and they found that heuristic evaluation is cheaper than user testing method, one of the study compared four best method of usability assessment.

Researcher found the heuristic evaluation has problem than the cognitive walkthrough. Still heuristic system is suing in different software project. [7]

Heuristic evaluation is most evaluation is most effective when it execute by trained usability evaluators, Heuristic evaluation involves recruiting evaluators, who can be novices, to criticise an interface , heuristic evaluation is currently use as popular technology because it is cost effective and informal and easy to apply. [8]

2.1.3 Usability testing:

Two categories of usability testing methods are the informal walkthrough a mixture usability testing system includes interview and observation, and the contextual walkthrough methods, a combination of usability testing system have been developed from the traditional set up of a usability test. steps for successful usability testing are:

1. Get the background information about usability evaluation.

2. Make a test plan.

3. Design the test.

4. Arrange a test environment and equipment.

5. Conduct a pilot test.

6. Recruit participants.

7. Set up the test room.

8. Conduct the test.

9. Compile and analyze the results.

10. Recommend changes. [9]

2.2] Specific studies: Present development and research on e-commerce site and customers' relation and satisfaction with e-commerce site

Usability is a system which solve the problem between product and user interfaces. Usability has multiple components and it associated with five usability attributes and they are learn ability, efficiency, memo ability, errors and satisfaction. Head (1999) also proposed in his study that an interface of website should be learnable and easy to understand and finally user friendly with less error [10]

E-commerce system has many layers and success of the this system depends on all components to work collaboratively and effectively. Some of the components are electronic catalogue, secure web server, ecommerce engine, graphical user interface (GUI), communication management system and database management system. Effective design concept is the effective cause of increasing more loyal customer and it will also effective in profit margin.[11]

There are so many approaches and movement to satisfy the user. To get best search engine visibility there are five rules that should be follow by web designer and they are

Easy to read,

Easy to navigate,

Easy to find,

Consistent in layout and

Consistent in design

By following these rules any web site can get the target audience, as well as search engine crawler programs. But these are the general concept web site interface design. But each e-commerce site contains different elements and that play the important role to enhance the usability and they are Personalization, Registration and Check out, Information Presentation, Shopping Cart and payment system.[11]

2.3] technologies:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Framework 3.5 will be the main the development Environment for this e-commerce web site . ASP.Net is the main the technology using C# as coding language and Jquery for the development of user interface.SQL Server 2005This will use as back end this stores the data of web site. SQL Server 2005 only works on Windows-based platforms, including Windows, Windows NT, Windows XP and Windows CE. [12]

2.4] cased studies:

Web site represents the company in e-business, hence a low usability system always creates the poor image of the company and it is a cause of low customer visit on web site. High class usability system always create a god impact on customers which motivates the customers for online purchase.[13]

The founder of Jeff Bezos once told an interview by Harvard Business Review that "consumers preferred e-commerce webs offering multiple choices, low prices and prompt deliveries. Therefore, a sound, convenient and easy-to use B2C hypermarket website may satisfy consumers' needs. The consumers may solve all of their problems in one website".[14] is famous for versatile service, yahoo design team always go for simple design. User experience and usability experts work together with designers to relate research in to the product. Yahoo's goal to allow user buying, communicating and finding information therefore wide range of user experience professionals work on it to make site more user friendly.

For instance, Yahoo yellow pages are an online directory where users can get the business information by searching. The design has been made in such a way that user have to specify location for finding business before browsing and searching the business.. User can search the business either by city or near address . When yellow pages launched, address or city was required because this information was necessary to yahoo designer/researcher to know what location database and what browser tree. In usability testing, customer were started to have a text field for searching and a browse tree on the front page, similar to the Yahoo. Actually user was confused about design of the page. Later on it has been addressed by researcher and some improvements has made. Instead of prompting user for a location on the front page of yellow pages, Yahoo designers show a browse tree and search bar. Outcome was this as soon as user enter a search or click on the browse tree, Yahoo designer team prompt for a location and it has found that this interaction is more consistent with user's expectation of what they could see on the front page of Yellow pages.

The key success of Yahoo is continuing research on usability system and make the user comfortable to access their web site or brows it. [15] started journey on 1995 and still it is number one e-commerce site because of it dynamic approach, different offer for customer, change themselves with the customer needs and emerging technology. Amazon provide lots more service for customer like free home delivery, cheaper price and secure transaction which is most effective for e-commerce customer, with customer feel more secure about their service because of their technology, security system and very flexible usability system. Technology they use are high specially product viewing technology is flexible and comfortable for customer, move one page to another without any error feel good to customer during searching time which increase the buying eagerness of customer.[16]

3. Conclusion:

While I developed web site for e-commerce, I focused on these system

Dialog & social interaction support: Prompt interaction and feedback like 24Ã-7 customer support system.

Information design: easy to learn and understand, information associated with the community

Navigation: user can move around and easy to find

Access: easily download and run online community software [16],I tried to follow the new system in my project.

These are HCI the new generation technology.

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