The organizational technique

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Work from a Clean Desk: work from a clean Desk is a lot of benefits.

You must more organize to use Organize Techniques it has lot of benefits with this system.

So always able to fulfill security and Confidential requirements.

Your are working on there are desk full of papers and papers you are not working on and few of books and magazines and dozens of pens and cups and post it and cables.

Do you think it is a sign of creativity or imagination? You are either too lazy to clean it up or you don't know how.

A Clean desk saves your time.

Don't take and don't collect the cheap gifts items, like pens, notepads, post its, magazines.

Unnecessary papers, pens, pencils? and books or anything else throw away.

Some of the easy tips to maintain Organize Techniques.

Passes in and Out Box: It will have large impact since you organize the document to and from your desk.

Reminders are to be used in the inbox which reminds about your starting work.

One document one policy: The main important of this task is for keeping too many documents and wasting time on your desk to start something without finishing task.

The out box can be used when the document has accomplishes its tasks.

More to throw: This is case you throw away things.

The only thing you need to be careful about the documents.

Cleaning of desk: Before when you leave the office you should clean the desk regularly.

You will maintain if you do it once for weak or monthly and you will enjoy the every day in the morning, when you come to your desk.

Use posting: Post it is great invention.

All over there are working places, all the peoples are using a lot.

You will maintain a nice note book at your desk.

Here it is better to keep notes and reminders so can follow the list time by time and if any new things have come across which are really then note it down in your list.

If you are cannot follow the posts then better to write it down in the electronic version which is easily carry and accessible.

Pen work reductions: there are lot of pens at your work some you may like some may not keep two or three pens which you really likes and same as with your markers keep two or three with and remaining give to the appropriate department or keep it in your wardrobe.

Reduce the photo frames: photos are kept at the office desks which occupies more space .it is suggestible that to reduce the photo frames at your desk better keep it in your mobile phones..

Where you, arrange nice photos-shows.

When you're in business trip, you look at the photos.

Book to read at home: Large numbers of people like to put their books at the office, all the time these libraries seem to serve an writers knowledge rather than who used the books.

It is better to keep all your books at your home try to use information from the internet for completing any tasks.

No points of collecting papers and magazine: generally all the offices is full of newspapers and magazines.

In my recommendations read the news papers if you like any article then tear it and keep it with you and better to read magazines once a week if you read daily then lot of articles to be displayed.

If you do this you can clean and cozy place at the office.

No Printing of emails only Reading: Maximum you will maintain the don't take the print outs.

You can read the mails in your pc.

If you have necessary you can took the printout.

If you took the unnecessary papers printout waiting your time paper waist.

Always taking the printout heavy bundled on your table.

Maximum you can read the mails on the screen.

Purchasing large screens will pay this investment very quickly.

EAT Away from your Desk: Eating at your desk stimulate trash like paper bags, cups, and utilities around your desk.

I have been guilty of this and have the crumbs in my keyboard to prove it.

To prevent this, eat somewhere else.

Preferably, out of the office.

Doing this also allows you a mental break from work where you can enjoy your meal without phone or computer interruptions.

All the Internal and Environment should be clean and dirty health safely plays critical role.

Complete Most Important Task Fist: working schedules to be planned daily, for time saving and improving day by day planning.

Charts or log book to be used for mentioning daily work before or after the office hours.

Should always be remember that what work has to be done in the office after the working hours.

Firstly the main work has to done according to the priority, and then goes for secondary works which are mandatory to complete the task.

Emails should be check daily and has to be done work as priority shows in emails.

After finishing your works then you could be creative for all your day.

The finished work must be noted in the work scheduler and everything has to be checked according to list .

When starting a project should check for all the required materials are there are not.

And keep a list of materials in the project priority list, the list to be done according to the ascending order (important =first) and then handover to the department who care of getting resources for the project.

When the project is overcomes then you should make yourself a involvement.

It was Able to sort it out by breaking down the activity, and fixing the proper tasks with goals.

This is really favorable when you are studying for a degree , building a new set of skills.

And writing project.

For example if you start writing an report then out line to be prepared to carry out the report.

In the same if you cleaning your house you keep task 2 complete the house cleaning in appropriate time.

In same way the working tasks to be goal oriented and time management.

If you schedule with small task if you think you can work ten minutes fpr that assignment, then start working on it and after the ten if you feel like working then better to complete the task and then before stopping the task please look at your next assignment and plan design strategy for completing IT.

After this you can take break in this we can consume our own time to relax later.

When you are diverting to an fun filled activity (watching tv ,reading magazine etc) where the assignment report has come to the final stage then don't divert and always thinks to complete the task which give you the rewards and compliments and you can enjoy more with fun filled activities.

Large projects and small are important for daily routine work.

You should know one common point in this, both has to be done with a great effort.

Discuss with yourself that what could be done first and later according to the to do lists.

Below some points has been raised which explains about big projects works and it tasks.

For doing big projects higher concentration to be used and it is time consumable.

The lot of time to allocated to do this kind of projects and mainly you feel bore some times to do this projects.

But you should successfully complete the task for big projects in a proposed time because this project helps company's efficiency and potentiality.

For doing such big projects even though it is time consumable and boring but according to the importance we should do it in a required time with a high level of concentration.

Handling big projects is quite non interesting thing but taking some ideas like when you are fresh which on starting of the day or when you warm up or two ,three hours after the office starts which ideologically telling that when you are fresh then its good time to handle big projects.

Big projects are independent and acquired its own presence.

If any company handling big projects then it will give two days time for your acceptance once you have accepted then you should work according to the to do it list.

And able to finish the task in a acceptable time and these big projects to be done in a step by step process and it is advisable to meet client on every task was completed and you will get more advice and guidance from the clients.

And able finish works in a appropriate dead line.

  1. Look at the schedules on to do list.

    See is everything assignment is important and note down their deadlines.

    To be enthusiastic big projects to be started first, it would be quickest thing to do, if not then start with nearest deadline assignment.

  2. If the 2 projects are at the same dead line then go the time consumable and easiest one.

    Even though starting it is a difficult but later on it would be easy and all the day you will be looking fresh once you have completed time consumable tasks.

    So you be tackling yourself the situation according to your mindset.

  3. what is the exact time to be taken for the project
  4. The project if not completing in a single day and better segregate the tasks for one week or long as you feel.

    You should dedicate yourself spend some hours on the project in a allocated time and you should stick on to it.

    Even though many other assignments will come across in your allocated time but you should carefully handle your time.

For example, at our previous discussions we discussed to start a difficult task first, but you are no fast enough and more time consumable.

Imagine that you got 25 assignments on your to-do list and you got 8 hours time to complete it, if you are frustrated with doing a difficult project for 2 hours.

Now you got only 6 hours to do remaining 24 tasks in the list.

So while starting the you think the easiest and possible ways to complete the tasks.

As we know that everyone got their different mindset but everyone has the same tasks to do at same time.

Even differences can be found in timing, the expectations, and circumstances, or moody.

There are 25 factors to be completed they were with different factors and situations as I discussed above, so you think your selg to be which has to be started first whether big or small projects.

Reinforcement is a very effective way to motivate you.

When you complete even the most important task, be sure to acknowledge what you have done.

This is especially important in the beginning when you are struggling with procrastination behaviors.

After you have mastered these issues and have regained your peak productivity, don't forget to celebrate the completion of the big projects.

You worked hard for it.

Three things have to be done as per the productivity.

You can dismiss productivity concept when you think twice about inefficiency and none challenging.

The 80/20 rule applicable here where you do 20% it gives efficiently 80% results include (grades, promotions, shares etc)

Iam suggesting to do at least 3 tasks a day where lazy people can do that if we do three tasks with 20% efficiency this would be more helpful for your productivity and efficiency.

The first thing you should notice difference between productivity and busy yourself.

Then according to the 3 rule strategy we should complete the task in a day.

We should think twice when we are doing the task and able identify these tasks are really shows impact or not.

Once you look back at the end of the day we can come to know have we done really potential and efficient assignments or just urgent ones for time being.

Once you have through with three impact tasks, you should start with the first one as immediately as possible.

Take the first step and do the process following of it.

If you feel like lacking behind and non motivating better follow the first step and if you are well with that then next step would be easy.

After the first step has been finished take a break but try to work more.

Better go out drink coffee have a snacks and but try to have your break with computer it may not give rest to the eyes even it disturbs to cause irritation.

Always try to go out and have walk or just read a book with refreshing coffee.

For a normal day you should complete three tasks and reward yourself.

And you will be rewarded and take rest or do whatever you want which should be more readable and potential

Now it is time note down all your tasks in a note pad which improves the business, work or like and more rewardable to take first step again.

In conclusion I would like to say, by planning our day to day work schedules.

Simplifying their approach increases productivity and effectiveness, for any circumstances in everyday life.