Looking At Graphical User Interface Computer Science

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Preview - A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a system of graphical elements that allow the end user to interact with the underlying software of the GUI using simple mouse operations.

MATLAB has in-built support for GUI development and programming. Since we were already using it for our vision processing, we decided to design our GUI also using MATLAB. It offers two ways to design a GUI. One is through GUIDE, MATLAB's Graphical User Interface Development Environment, and the other is through programming - a rather tedious method, same as in other non-interactive languages.

6.1 Graphical User Interface (GUI)Introduction

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a type of user interface which permits the people to interrelate with the electronic devices. A GUI offers graphical icons and visual signs contrasting to the text-based interfaces, typed command labels or text navigation to fully symbolize the information and actions available to the user. The actions are performed through direct operation of the graphical elements.

The term GUI is restricted to the scope of the two-dimensional 2D display screens with display resolutions capable of describing standard information.

A GUI uses a combination of skills and devices to provide a platform the user can interact with, for the tasks of gathering and producing information.

One of the important parts of the software application programming is the designing of the visual arrangement and the temporal behavior of the GUI. Its goal is to enhance the efficiency and ease of use for the underlying design of the stored program.

Typically, the user interacts with information by manipulating visual widgets that allow for interactions right to the kind of data they hold. The widgets of a well-designed interface are selected to support the actions necessary to accomplish the goals of the user. The important factor is that the good user interface design associated to the user, not the system architecture.

The visual graphical interface features of an application are sometimes referred to as 'CHROME'.

A general form of the Graphical User Interface (GUI), which we all use, is the Microsoft windows that feature the following simple and basic components.

Pointer: A symbol seeming on the display screen which is used to select objects.

Icons: The small symbols that denote files, folders etc.

Desktop: The area on the display screen where the icons are assembled together.

Menus: The list of certain tasks out of which only one is performed at a time.


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