Databases serve as the digital bank

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From institutional or cooperate businesses to small private businesses, information is the life span. In this sense, databases contain vital role of every organization. The critical information such as business transactions, intellectual property and customer records is stored in the databases. Databases serve as the digital bank for valuable information to store and retrieve. Therefore, databases must be protected, but the protection must also give an ease access to the information by those who need it. The different applications and users of an organization refer to a unique integrated set of data through the DBMS. On the one hands, security threats become a more serious and important issue in database environments. To achieve security in the database, threats need to be identified and proper policies and mechanisms for these threats should be chosen. In this paper, we discuss about the important of database security and its strategies and present the impact of database security on three database applications: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL.

Why is the database security important?

The increasing development of information technology has widely spread the use of computer systems in various organizations which ranged from institutional to private. This has meant that more data than ever before is now stored and managed in databases that are the collections of mutually correlated data permanently stored on persistent storage supports. It is used within an organization by different applications, each one having its own aims and purposes. Although the increasing widespread use of both centralized and distributed has proved necessary to support business functions, it has also posed serious problems of data security. In fact, damage in the database system does not only affect an application or single user but rather the whole information system or organizations. Due to the often store of sensitive data is in databases or incorrect data or loss of data which could negatively affect business operations. In order to prevent the lost of precious data, these data are stored in a secure way in the database. Traditionally databases have been protected from external connections by firewalls or routers on the network perimeter with the database environment existing on the internal network. Nowadays, database security can be the system, processes, and procedures that protect a database from unintended activity which can be authorized misuse, intended attacks or unintended mistakes made by authorized individuals or processes.

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