Study On The Applications Of Microsoft Office Computer Science

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In the Microsoft Office is included by Microsoft Word ,Microsoft Excel ,Microsoft Power Point and other applications .Microsoft Word will become a word processor and there are usually to provide a consider in the main programmers in Microsoft Office .Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet programmer and that is to provide application will be in a arrangement with originally and completely .And that ,Microsoft Power Point is the most popular for a presentation program for the Microsoft Office ,it is usually to provide and use it to create a slideshow ,composed of text ,graphic ,movie and other applications .

Microsoft Office that is a non free in a commercial office suite of inter-related desktop applications ,servers and service for the Microsoft Window and Mac OSX operating system ,there are usually introduced by Microsoft in1989 .In addition ,a marketing term for a buttes a set of applications and the Microsoft Offices are included many types of Microsoft window such as Microsoft Word ,Microsoft Excel ,Microsoft PowerPoint ,Microsoft Access and other desktop applications .Microsoft Offices applications have been present a substantially closer with shared features such as there are usually includes to provides a common spelling checker ,data integration and scripting language .

There are many types of desktop applications is usually become a important and the most useless such as Microsoft Word ,Microsoft Excel ,and Microsoft Power Point .Microsoft Word is a word processor and there are usually to provide considered to be in the main program and that is present a DOC format were considered a de facto standard .Therefore ,in a Microsoft Word 2007 can be use a new XML based and the format is called DOCX ,that is format has been usually standardized by Erma International will be included by Office Open XML and its SP2 ,there are server will be completely to provide in update with support ODF and PDF .However ,the Microsoft Word is usually to available in some edition with Microsoft Works and it is to provide for the Windows and Mac platforms .There are Microsoft Words are released in the system and server programmers of 1983,MS-DOS that is the operating system and there are have been included by the distinction of introducing and the from mouse to a broad population .In addition ,the server system of Microsoft Word 1.0 usually included by a purchased with a bundled mouse through there are none any server system was required .From the result and report ,the precedents of Lisa Write and Mac Write ,there are also to provide Microsoft Word for Macintosh will be attempted to add closer features into its package and that the contain Microsoft Word for Mac are released in 1985 and there are become the first graphical versions of Microsoft Word with to despite its buggies because it will be become one of the most popular in the Word of Mac applications .

There are also included by Microsoft Excel .There are spreadsheet program with the originally will be completed in the dominant of 1-2-3 and it is should be available from the Windows and Mac platforms .Therefore ,there are the Microsoft Offices are released become the first version of Excel for the Mac in 1985 and the first Window versions are to provide in the number 2.05 to make a line up with the Word of Mac and there are have a bundled with a standard Windows usually on the run time environments in November 1987 .Beside that ,there are Microsoft Office Outlook and that is different with Microsoft Office Outlook Express .The Microsoft Office Outlook usually is to provide a personal information management and save the e-mail as that to become a communication software .

However ,,the Microsoft Office Outlook become to be a replacement in Window Messaging ,Microsoft e-mail and schedule were starting uses in Microsoft Office 1997 ,that is includes by an e-mail address for clients ,calendar ,task management and contract book .But there are Microsoft Office Outlook are on the Mac ,it is offered to provide several versions of Microsoft Office Outlook born late in 1990s but there are server system only for use with Microsoft Exchange Server .And that ,in Microsoft Office 2001 ,there are may be to prevent introduced an alternative application with a different server system ,that is called Microsoft Entourage ,this is should be shows the reintroduced of Microsoft Outlook in office 2011 are become replacing Entourage .

Conclusion Question 1 :

There are in a Microsoft Word will be included by two types of desktop application such as server applications and web service .There are Microsoft Share Point Server usually to provide and prevent a collaboration server that are Excel Services and Info Path Forms Services and the Microsoft Lync Server ,that are formerly Office Communications Server and Live Communication Server ,there are to makes a real time communication server .Therefore ,there are Microsoft Office Groove Server that is a centrally managing all deployments Microsoft Office Groove in the enterprise and the Microsoft Office Project Server ,there are usually to provides a project management server .

Conclusion Question 2 :

In the addition ,there are six types of processes in a Web Services such as office web application ,office live ,Live Meeting ,Microsoft Office product website ,Microsoft update and Microsoft 365 .There are office web application that is to makes web based companions to Microsoft Office application to view ,create and edit documents and the Live Meeting that is to provide web conferencing service .Beside that ,there are Microsoft Office to product website usually that is to provide and support for all Microsoft Office products and there are Microsoft Update usually helps to make a website in a patch detection and installation service for Microsoft Office .

Finally ,the Microsoft Office usually to provide makes a helpful and usefully for our to do project ,assignments ,project ,edit photo and other applications .

Question 2 :

Create a flyer for Olympia College Orientation Night ,the details are as following :

Theme :Masquerade Night

Date :20 August 2011

Venue :Visitant Hotel

Fares :RM60.00

The flyer should within one page only .

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