Starbucks wifi internet access

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Step 1

Walk up to the counter and ask to buy a Starbucks card. You will be offered several choices, they are all basically the same. Some cards will be small which you can put on your key-chain, others are Credit Card sized and will fit easily in your wallet or purse. Pick whatever size and style you like best. I have a winter themed card to remind me of what the snow looks like back home.

This card costs 5 dollars and by following the steps below, this card will last you about 4 to 5 months of Internet at Starbucks.

Step 2

Take your card and laptop over to an empty table and have a seat.

Step 3

Flip open your laptop and check for available wireless networks. You will notice a network most likely called "attwifi" which is the network you will now connect to.

Step 4

Visit any web page. You will find that web browsing is blocked and you are automatically redirected to the Starbucks wifi login page. Click the "Register for an Account" link located on the top right hand section of the page.

Step 5

Go through the basic signup process, which includes entering a username, password and email address as well as verifying your email address by clicking the activation link which will be sent to the inbox of the email address you provided.

Step 6

Return to the Starbucks wifi page by attempting to visit any web page.

Step 7

Attempt to login using the username and password you created during the registration process. Between your username and your password you will find a drop down menu. Be sure to select the very first option labeled "wifi" from within the drop-menu.

Step 8

After successfully logging in, you will be dropped into the Starbucks welcome page. Landing on this page means you are now ready to browse the Internet.

Step 9

Purchase something with your Starbucks card every 4 weeks. Get a bagel for $1.00 every 28 days and you will keep your card active. If your card is not used for 30 days your username and password will be deleted from the Starbucks wifi system.

By purchasing something cheap every 28 days you will keep your account active for about 5 months, costing you only $5 dollars (or $1 dollar a month!)

  • Starbucks employees may tell you that you will only have 1-hour of Internet time per day, this is not necessarily true. If you are logged out after 1-hour, simply log back in. You should be given another hour, and in some cases you will be given even more than an hour..shhh..
  • Scratch off the back of your Starbucks card to reveal your unique Starbucks ID number. You will need to enter this when creating your wifi account.
  • Don't use your card to buy expensive things at Starbucks, pay with cash instead. Although the Starbucks card is as good as cash, it is better to think of it as your wifi card. If you spend everything on this card and forget to reload it and make a purchase within 30 days your wifi account will be terminated!
  • Advertising this method at Starbucks may result in the termination of your account by a Starbucks employee. This has never happened to me, but playing it safe I suggest keeping to yourself. Starbucks wants you to use your card more than once a month (and for more than a measly dollar at a time.)

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