The Security Of Bluetooth Computer Science

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Bluetooth is an open standard wireless communication protocol developed to transfer data over short range of distances. This technology is becoming increasingly popular and has proved to be one of the means of sending information between personal communication objects and devices. Named after a relatively obscure Scandinavian king, Bluetooth was developed in the mid-90s at a time when Ericsson was looking for a way to connect a keyboard to a computer without using the PS2 cable and connector. This solution developed overtime and was adapted to being used for many other purposes.

Some of the features of Bluetooth include being an adhoc technology, 2.4GHz frequency range operation, area coverage limited to PAN (Personal Area Networks). It is also a point to point link and can also serve as a point to multipoint, while supporting synchronous and asynchronous transmission of data. It's a single hop communication network and utilises FHSS (Frequency Hoping Spread Spectrum) and GFSK for modulation. It's low powered and TCO (Total cost of ownership) helped to be adopted as a standard - IEEE 802.15.1 that span across PHY (physical) and MAC (media access control) layers of the OSI Model of Communications.