List of Key Debate points on Euthanasia (Pro)

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List of Key Euthanasia Points

 We believe everybody has the right to live or die
 We believe everybody has the right to a decent quality of life (which is destroyed by pain)
 5% of terminal pain cannot be controlled- sickness, incontinence, breathlessness
 Passive Euthanasia has the same moral and practical effects as Active Euthanasia
 We believe we have to control euthanasia by having a court to decide on cases but competent patients who can think and communicate by themselves should be allowed to die.
 It is happening behind closed doors regardless- we should be able to regulate this
 1 in 5 doctors in the UK have been approached by someone asking for euthanasia
 Euthanasia is an act of compassion to stop the ones you love from being in pain
 People put their pets down if they are suffering so why not allow humans to have the same amount of love?
 Hospices may provide a loving and caring environment but for someone who has completed all they want to complete in life, constantly piss themselves and are sick and are waiting to die they’d be happier dying.

All our statistics come from the British Board of Medical Statistics 2002

All our arguments are around COMPETENT patients i.e patients who can communicate and make decisions for themselves

If they start ranting about religion and euthanasia
 People have been given free will by God- they should be able to use this to end their lives
 God is love- stopping suffering is the loving thing to do.
 God wants people to have a quality of life- if someone has no quality of life euthanasia may be acceptable
 ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’

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