The Benefits Of Free Post Secondary Education

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The Benefits Of Free Post Secondary Education

Poverty, homelessness, unemployment; these are some of the worst aspects that plague our society. How can we combat these problems? One possibility is through the increased education of our youth. To ensure that today’s youth is better educated, we need to be certain that everyone has equal opportunities and options. Post secondary education needs to be free to those who are qualified to receive it.

Through free post secondary education, our society could provide a level of impartiality in its educational system that would benefit those who are constrained by the current system and its expensive bias. For the disadvantaged, obtaining full scholarships is an extremely difficult possibility. Where scholarships have failed because they only aided a handful of people, free post secondary education will succeed. The prospect of free post secondary education would mean that students would be able to concentrate and focus more upon their educations. Instead of struggling to pay tuition, students can work towards learning and achieving more through their education. As Francis Bacon put it, “Knowledge is power” (Francis Bacon). By empowering our youth with greater knowledge, they gain the power to create an increasingly intellectual society. Free post secondary education would of course still require students to qualify to receive it they would be judged solely upon their academic performance.

Of course the government would be required to make a large contribution. Will all this funding turn out to be too big of a financial burden? When the government considers the advantages of such a proposition, they will realize that it is an excellent investment. An increase in the number of well-educated citizens within the populace will have a very positive impact on the overall quality of our society. Such enrichment in our nation would be well worth the money spent. It is a proven fact that the majority (if not the entirety) of homeless and poor people are uneducated. Therefore, as more people receive opportunities for better educations, the rate of homeless and poor people will decrease.

By rendering post secondary education free, the government will create equal opportunities for aspiring students regardless of their financial situation. Imagine a child with great academic potential but handicapped by his family’s poor financial state. How will he be able to afford the tuition required by universities when he barely has enough to eat? His intelligence should hold the promise of a fine future, but the barrier of poverty prevents that from ever becoming a reality. If we implement free post secondary education, then students from all financial backgrounds will be treated equally. In the words of Malcolm X, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." (Malcolm X) Poverty should be no disadvantage, and wealth should be no advantage.

Post secondary education as a free service would be beneficial to those who qualify to receive it and to our society as a whole. In a nation that boasts opportunity for everyone, its citizens should not be restricted from achieving a future that they deserve. The government owes it to its citizens to provide its citizens with the services which the merit.

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