Report on Paraguay's National Economy

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Report on Paraguay's National Economy

My report was done on the country of Paraguay. This is a very interesting yet different country then ours. It has many of the same features as the United States. One of them being its form of

Government, it is listed as a “Republic” on paper but has all the same principals of a “Democracy”. Also there are many differences about this country as well. The first being their literacy rate, it is currently at 81% the lowest of the surrounding countries. The life expectancy for males is 65 and for females 69. Their population under 15 years old is a large 425 highest of surrounding countries. However, the population has been growing since 1990 at a rate of almost 3.5 %. In Comparison this country is about the size of California yet has about half of its population.

The main spoken language is Quariani but Spanish is a close second, however this is not the Spanish we speak it is more of a dialect of the Spanish language we are studying. Also many Indian languages such as Lenqua, Nivacte, and Ache exists but these are only spoken is the forest regions of the country where very few people speak them.

Paraguay is not very “high tech” at all. In fact it has a high unemployment rate of about 8%. There are many markets for shopping but very few stores, as we know them throughout the country. The electricity is hydrogenated and also in very limited supply. Six million kilowatts on average is what is generated.

Therefore only a limited amount of buildings have power. All governmental buildings as well as 50 others. Most of Paraguay’s money is generated from a few agricultural products. Such as cotton, sugarcane, soybeans, corn, heat, tobacco, cassava (tapioca), fruits, vegetables; beef, pork, eggs, and milk.

Paraguay is made up of a wide range of geographic facts, it goes from mountains to flatlands. It is a land locked country with a total area of 407,000 miles. Most of the country is timber that has little or no economic value. The Rio Paraguay River splits this country in two. With the eastern part being the most populated. Paraguay is a well-watered plate with rolling grasslands and some sub-tropical forests. One mineral resource available is petroleum but even this is a very limited supply and resource. Paraguay is a humid country where it rains almost half the year in the eastern half of the country, while the western part is semi-dry. The highest temperature is 35 degrees Celsius and in the winter it can get down to 22 degrees Celsius.

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