Psychological Aspects of Dreams

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Psychological Aspects of Dreams

They are a gateway to another world and another place. Sometimes they are related to life and sometimes they are so out there they are unfathomable, but they are a part of everyone. Whether remembered or forgotten, everybody dreams. They are a chance to let go and let your mind run free. My dream was very random and strange, but was so intense my dream bordered on reality.

I am walking to my dorm. It is August, yet the air blowing is quite chilly. Why is the air so cold in this time of the year? I search for my ID card in order to get into my building. I walk into the building and head for the elevator. I walk up to the panel and push the up button, and wait for the elevator. Finally the elevator comes. I walk in and push the button for the fifth floor. As the elevator goes up, I impatiently wait to get off. The elevator finally stops and the doors slowly open. As I walk to what I believe is my door I see a young pregnant woman walking around the floor.

This woman keeps asking me whether or not I have seen her baby. I told her that I have not and I continue towards my room. As I walk down the barely lit hall I cannot find my room. I search and search, but my room is not here. I am going to sit in the common room and cry. Out of nowhere this man is coming towards me. Who is he? He has a shaved head, and he is talking to me. He kind of looks like my surgeon, from when I had my thumb surgery. He is talking to me, but it sounds mumbled. I cannot understand him. As I stand up, I realize that I am on the wrong floor. Then I wake up.

When I woke up I was so sure that this dream was real. I felt like I had been crying. My legs felt as though they had been actually running around my hall, trying to find my room. I also felt very confused. I did not know why the lady was asking me about her kids, or why the bald man was talking to me. My dream seemed so real, that I was left feeling strange and confused.

During the dream I feel so sure of myself. These random people that I keep seeing are scaring me. Who are they? All I want to do is crawl into my bed, but I cannot. I cannot find my room. I want to get away. I want the comfort of my own bed, but it is nowhere to be found. I could not find anything: my room, my friends, or my bed. Why is nothing as it seems to be?

I think the most interesting part of my dream is the fact that I got off on the wrong floor. My floor is very distinctive, so it would be hard not to realize that I was on the wrong floor. When you get off of the elevator, you can see the custom cut wood cabinets for the entertainment system. The big kitchen consists of a stove, an oven and a microwave. The large cherry dinner table sits to the right of the big room. The two dark green sofas sit in the middle. They are very inviting. The room in itself has very comforting qualities. With such a distinct atmosphere I cannot understand how I could have gotten it confused.

As with the Sanoi dream theory I had a tiger. In my dream the tiger was the pregnant woman walking around on the floor. She keeps chasing me, so finally I stop and ask her “What do you want?”

“I want my children,” she says.

“I don’t know what to tell you, I have not seen them, but I will give you a teddy bear,” I told her.

She said “No! That is not good enough. I want my children.”

“I cannot give them to you, but I will give you the teddy bear, and a puppy.” I finally told her.

“Okay, fine, that will just have to do.” Then she gave me a necklace from the teddy bear. She told me that whenever I wear this necklace I would always find my way.

Freud noted in his studies how dreams often relate to your childhood. When I was growing up I switched schools often. I was always moving from one place to the other, making adjustment hard. I think that my dream related to my childhood because in my dream I am lost. I roam around trying to find some feeling of comfort. In my dream this is my bed, and my bed is my comfort in reality. When I switched schools I never liked people that gave me an uncomfortable feeling, and I do not like the people in my dream. This dream relates to my childhood because in my dream and as a child I would run away from my problems.

Relating to the Gestalt theory I think that this dream relates to me, because of my feeling of being lost. I am in a new environment, with new people and places. Coming from a small private school, this new atmosphere is quite overwhelming. In my dream I found that the distinctiveness of my floor is interesting. I wish at times that I had distinctive qualities like my floor. I think of myself as average and normal, and I wish that I had such qualities as the room does.

According to the Jungian Theory, wholeness is a major factor of importance. Both men and women have aspects of the opposite sex. Jung’s theory states that we need to become more whole by gaining more of these characteristics. In my dream the man who is talking to me is very different. He has a particular way about him that makes him stand out. He is not strange or weird he just has an aura about him that is distinctive. I would like to contain such a quality. I would like for people to get this feeling when they talk to me, as I did with him.

Throughout the paper, my dream has been described, analyzed, and broken apart to try and find the meaning behind it. Dreaming is a way to release your thoughts and fears and emotions. To me dreaming is like meditation, it is a way to go into another world and release all of your feelings. Although analyzing will help to determine different aspects of a dream I feel that the true meanings may never be discovered.

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