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Currently there are major environmental issues such as climate change, environmental degradation, which is affected by the amount of pollution and carbon dioxide we are producing, we are currently producing more than double the amount of emissions we have ever produced before as far as records show, this is because of the amount of vehicles, households and technology being used and manufactured within the united kingdom.

Fossil fuels has been made into an ideal source of energy because of everything working around burning oils to produce energy, this is because of fossil fuels being easily accessible and fairly cheap compared with other energy sources.

At the rate that we have been using and increasing the usage of fossil fuels over the last decade, the level has reached an all time high and if we do not reduce our energy usage or find a re-usable source of energy we will eventually reach a critically low amount of fossil fuels which will push energy and fuel prices sky high.

The damage which fossil fuels have on the environment is exceeding into the unknown, emissions produced such as carbon dioxide & carbon monoxide contributes towards the greenhouse effect which traps the rays from the sun causing the earth's atmosphere to raise in temperature, this is causing vegetation life to die off, snow caps to melt, we are now observing the changes in weather patterns and climate.