The grid technology

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Today grid technology is one of the most powerful and high speed network technologies, {we modify our computer in low cost technologies and distributed the computers in a single computing resource}. In this networking have a different name and they are listed here Internet computing, meta computing, global computing, scalable computing and new one is peer to peer - p2p computing. Grid computing have a various resources sharing systems, data sources, storage systems, specialized devices and super computer also. These are distribute for geographical and developed by different types of organizations to solving the data intensive problem and large scale computational in commerce, science and engineering. The Skills and resources are shared with different organizations or enterprises temporary alliance.

These are supported by computer network. When projects are started in grid computing its link to geographical supercomputer, now its comes in original version, there are many benefits in grid technologies infrastructure that are data exploration, engineering and distributed computers. Gird service define as a different types of grids. 1) Departmental Grids, 2) Enterprise Grids 3) Extraprise Grids 4) Global Grids, 5) Compute Grids, 6) Data Grids, 7) Utility Grids

  • Departmental Grids:
  • Departmental grids are introduced to solve the problems for a particular group of organization and datas are not shared with other groups. The list of vendor explanation that think to refer the departmental grids.
  • Enterprise Grids:
  • Enterprise grids are spread the data across the organization and give the access for all users to the organization members.
  • Extraprise Grids:
  • Extraprise Grids launched between companies, partners and their clients. The grid resources are made as generally usable through as essential private network
  • Global Grids:
  • Compute Grids:
  • Compute grids made as purely intention of access of computational resources. Compute grids can be divided into three computational hardware. It is Desktop grids, Cluster grids and Server Grids.
  • Data Grids:
  • Grid deployment wants to access the processing of data is known as Data grids.
  • Utility grids:
  • Utility grids means the commercial compute data's are maintained and handled by a service provider.

Grid services technology is a webbased services that make connected between client and servers, its make easily to next generation develop a grid application. What ever it s there are certain limitations in web services because of plain web services its much helpful for develop the grid application. Grid services has improved the characteristics and services.Lets we go to explanation of OGSI (Open grid sevices infrastructure).

  1. Stateful and potentially transit services
  2. Service Data
  3. Notifications
  4. Service Groups
  5. portType extension
  6. Lifecycle management
  7. GSH &amp GSR

Stateful and potentially transient services

Stateful and potentially transmit services this service is most important to develop the web services,Now we look out the feature of this services. We take a example of the Luton bank organization its having a big cluster performing and big calculations are there, this cluster locates at a main branch in town centre,and manager needs the staffs from working in other branches ------Road,-------- Road,--------- Road. They are working conveniently from cluster computational power. This looks like a perfect scenario for a Web Service, Math service are used as a numerice services and the defination are written by XML tagsExample: <definition name="mathservicedefinition"----<definition>

Lifecycle management

Now we deal with non-trivial lifecycle services (Example-Plastic recycle we can create a new one we destroyed the old things at any time). This type of method also used in Grid services provide to the mechanisms management of lifecycle

Service Data

Service data has listed with two types of service a) State information, b) Service date and Grid service added to web servicesState information is provide the information of service ,resuls, intemediate results and runtime informations called as state informationService metadata is gather the information from service itself, system data and services cost of using etc.. is called as service metadata


Notification source configured a Grid service and clints are to be a notification skins. This is called as subscribers and can be change the grid services and notified

Service Groups

Act as Service group and configured the groups with other groups and then we can easily to operate the group service " add a new group", "remove the service from group" and search the service in group are to be condition "FOOBAR"portType extensionIn the previous page we saw that a Web Service exposes its interface (the operations it can perform) through a WSDL document. The interface is usually called portType


Web services are addressed by URI that same method is follow for grid services addressed are with URI.Powerful addresses scheme are introduced by OGSI (Open grid sevices infrastructure).GHS mean as "Grid service handle" its is a unique one. Its not allow two grid service at the same GSH, in this service have a one problem it dosent give any information how to know work (communicate) with Grid serviceGSR mean as "Grid service reference" its can a different types of forms and its use to communicate a grid services with SOAP(Simple object access protocol). Handle the WSDL(web service discription language) is a GSR format Grid networking examined as consistent, collaborative environment and integrated computational. To solve problem the user can involved in grid resource broker.

The distributed grid resources perform the scheduling,discovery and job application processing and these type of services can be provide in grid and also end-user point of view.Computational job: In computational services providing a secure service and allocating the application jobs and distributed collectively or individually resources of computational. Resources factor provide a services for collection of distributed resources. Grid computational means computational services provide by grid.Data services: Data services confirming the secure access the distributed data sets and management.They given a capable of access and storage to data sets and they can be repeated,catalogued and in different location stored the different types of data sets and its creates the represent of mass of storage.

Grid services uses with processing of datasets and its combination is known as grids.

Cluster computing

Cluster computing comes out as high prices of super computers. These type of system its involved in many projects. Cluster computing is high performance, large parallel computers its built a large and good hardware components and operating system running as free software like as linux its connected a high-speed network. The clusters of pc committed to running a high performancetask. This type of cluster nodes does not use in user desks otherwise its committed to running cluster jobs.

Cluster is connected in a single node to outside of world.

Peer to Peer computing (P2P)

This type of computing is used for file sharing network like as user friendly method. Napster and Kazaa only contributed Peer to peer network, file sharing with public key. Its used for transferring files and share the information between systems. Now a days there are many advanced peer to peer application introduced in IT market and its increased the performance of reach and scope of peer networks.

The two models are developed like as centralized model and decentralized model. Centralized model like used by Napster and Decentralized model used by Gnutella. P2P centralized model file sharing based upon central server systems its dealings with single registered users. The central server maintains the stored sharing file directories on the several systems of register user system of network.

When user can logs on or log off Napster server the records are updating each and every time. The user wants the file from list its direct link HTTP, which file currently process in a single system. In decentralized model of P2P file sharing process is differ from centralized model. Decentralized model does not share and keep tracks the files from central server.

The connection like as directly between client and server, the files found directly and its transferred.

Resource Management: Grid Resource Allocation Management Protocol

In grid management remote system can used to start the programs of grid resource and management protocol and client API. This resource can be developed by (RSL) Requirement specification language and its exchange the data's or information between applications, local resource managers and resource brokers. RSL divides into a two parts one is Resource requirements and another one Job configuration. Resource management contains accounting, billings, memory, etc.

Job configuration contains directory, executable, arguments.

Data Transfer: Grid File Transfer Protocol 9176655185

Today world there are so many examples of grid that perform the advance computational modifier analyze the petabytes of data. Data's are collected from one network the users can be search that data its can moved across by network world. The gridFTP develops through standard FTP protocol covered and maintain interoperability with being servers to develop FTP.

Information services: Grid Information services

In this information service there are two types of services. (GRIS) Grid Resource Information service, and (GIIS) Grid Index Information services. The GRIS provides the information from particular assets GIIS is total directory services. GRIS collect the information by multiple server from GIIS accumulation of information.

The users can be register with GRIS servers and then only used the grid resource registration protocol.

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