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In the world we live in today,Technology is on the rise.every work is just done 'INSTANT'.life without technology feels utterly impossible and life without media is simply beyond 'IMAGINATION'.

Focusing in the field of 'ENTERTAINMENT' social media tends to be one of the most used technology which has a great influence on globe Today!.This unique technology has bought a tidal wave around the world with a rapid change in livings,society and lifestyles of all age groups.

Before discussing the influence of media on young generation its imperative to outline few basic functions of it.
FIRST OF ALL,media is one of the biggest source of providing 'latest breaking news' to people.
SECONDLY,it is one of the biggest colossal hub for the advertisement of brand new unique products'movies'films;soaps and so on...
FURTHERMORE,it also broadcast various informative,educational and entertainment programmes.

possesing numerous benefits visual media is blamed to be one of the biggest culprit of the condition of youth today!.but how?

FIRSTLY,visual media possesses various channels which are highly inadvisable for the the content of these channels is closely related to violence,vulgarity etc.watching such programmes can make the youth more aggressive and they tend to react over what they see.Battles and abuse languages is all what they learn from watching such prgorammes.The youth are commiting such unforgivable crimes which are the by-products of media.
SECONDLY,Keeping the mental influence apart.visual media is ruining other activities of youth.they become so involved that they dont even bother about whats happening around THEM!.their academic level of studies greatly gets affected and they ignore the success which one can gain from education.also youths are deprived of there physical activities and sports.addiction of media can give way to the development of various problems regarding 'health issues.OBESITY.WEAK EYE SIGHTS;BACK PAINS is what happens due long hours of watching TV.

FINALLY,i would like to convey one of the most important backup which has ruined the relationships between friends,family and relatives.None of the today's youth bother to hangup with their close bonds.But their only interest is to watch the latest movie.horror films,soaps.which don't even pay a heal of benefit to them.
NONE of the today's technology possess threat but its the approach and attitude of the user on how he utilizes the product.using technology positively can triple your success!there are many ways through which one can use visual media as a productive helpful tool in his LIFE.

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