Get a token to buy equipment Swtor

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These awards are special in that we can do without most of the time by investing more distinctions of war zones. These marks are indeed recoverable by exchanging 30 distinctions of war zones = 10 distinctions mercenary.

They are not directly related to an equipment level. It's a faster way to get his way by making foreign missions in addition to the traditional missions in war zones. So you can recover on Tatooine, in chests, in the PvP zone at 5 chests every 2 hours with 20 awards each time. A total of 100 distinctions mercenary. The area is near the sea of dunes, approximately at coordinates -300, -850. The entrance is marked with two flags. Here is a nice little video that shows you what happens there:
And then?

Once in 60 valor (which is rather laborious to have), the daily quests will offer a new type of bag, bags Swtor you will then have 16 bags each week Swtor and 4 bags Additional league.

You get these bags in master league distinctions that allow you to buy equipment champion (rank 2, index 136), the same man who may be directly obtained with tokens in the first sacks of champion! If you have no luck, so no token, it takes about 700 awards champion to purchase the entire equipment champion.

You may also have a chance to get a token to buy equipment Swtor, the ultimate step for now, a magnificent equipment index 140. Note that both implants and ear are the only items sold. You will still spend 600 distinctions of war zones and 600 distinctions mercenary to buy the three objects.
Here! If you like a slap on the players of the opponent, you now know everything.

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