Differences Between the First King Kong and the Second King

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King Kong, a story worth making 2 movies about, the suspense/thriller was state of the art when it first came out in 1933, and was brought back to life through current state of the art technology in 2005. This grand ensemble of action packed storytelling in both films can have the same theme and yet be so different. Here let me show you:

Both King Kong movies’ have a generally same theme and plot. Both start off with the infamous Carl Denham looking for a beautiful young woman to star in his up and coming movie, but the 2005 King Kong has a more in depth drama as to create an incident where Carl has to leave to the island in secret. Other acts such as these occur where both movies have a generally same plot, but the 2005 King Kong always contains a more in depth look into the film. One thing I loved that Peter Jackson, Auteur of King Kong (2005), decided to keep the one great irony the original film brought out.

Irony in both films was very apparent. Both films included the one great irony that set this movie apart from others. In the beginning of both movies, we are shown a portrait of a man-eating monster, thirsting for the taste of human blood on his lips, but at the end we realize who really is the beast in this film. King Kong (2005) offers quite a bit more irony than its preceder. Pater Jackson added little scenes in which coincided with scenes from King Kong (1933), like where they were filming with the lead male actor and with Ann Darrow, both films contained the exact same dialog to this specific scene which was nice to see.

Although Peter Jackson did a great job staying with the roots of the first film, he added many differences to set the films apart as well. First off, King Kong (2005) is in full scale color, compared to King Kong (1933) where it was black and white. Peter Jackson also added very important special effects to the movie that would make it spectacular compared to King Kong (1933). The CGI in King Kong (2005) was almost perfect. Sometimes I caught myself questioning whether it was real or computer-generated. Another immense difference between films was how in depth one movie was compared to the other. King Kong (2005) had much more dramatic scenes compared to King Kong (1933). We got the full view of Carl Denham and his character, while in King Kong (1933) we had a vague picture of Denham’s character.

Another huge difference between both films is the hero, the man who saves the Ann Darrow from the “monstrous” ape. In King Kong (1993), Jack Driscol is the lead male in the movie Carl Denham wants to create, and is also the hero, risking his life to save Ann’s, while in King Kong (2005) Jack Driscol is the unlikely hero, being portrayed as the film writer for Carl’s movie. This is a very strange change that I can only recognize that Peter Jackson did that on purpose, to show that heroes are usually the unlikely ones.

While both movies had extreme differences and similarities, the great thing is that they both have the same main idea, plot, and theme; which, in my opinion, makes these movies great.