Cell Phones in the Twenty First Century

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Cell Phones in the Twenty First Century

There are many advantages and disadvantages in having a cellular phone. Cell phones have some advantages over disadvantages. Today, cellular have made people’s view on them change. They have gone from becoming a nuisance to being a necessity in their pockets and purses. Cellular phones were considered a nuisance because they were distracting drivers and causing car accidents and killing people.

First, a disadvantage of a having a cell phones is they can cause car accidents in two ways. For example, if the cell phone is not easily accessible to the driver and he/she has to look around to find it, this could increase the possibility of accident. Or if the cell phone is not hands free, it could decrease the driver's ability to maneuver. These problems can be solved by technology improvements. For example, if cell phones could use voice commands instead of push buttons and be used like speakerphones, this could reduce the number of cell phone related accidents.

Another problem, I think that many people don't have any idea about when they can and can't talk on the their cell phones, using the phone in such public places like restaurants or movie theaters and stores. I used to work in a store and I saw so many people speaking loudly in my store. I do not understand why people would stand next to a cash register trying to pay for some items they just bought and talk on the phone quite loudly. Another thing that I don't understand is I cannot believe that people can be so disrespectful to everybody. They are only thinking about themselves:" I'm talking on the phone and this means that the "whole world" is supposed to be quiet and listen to my conversation".

While cell phones do cause problems, using cell phones in car has some advantages, and it should not be ignored. One advantage is that cell phones could be useful on long commutes. We can solve some of our problems such as, discussion about work issues with our coworkers on the phone and save a lot of time and also get directions if somebody is lost.

Another important reason is that cell phones make people accessible at all times, especially in case of emergencies, and in dangerous situation it makes it easy to contact the police. For example, On Tuesday September 11, 2001, many people were searching for their cellular phones just minutes before the attack on the World Trade Center. Many of the people that had evacuated the building were trying to get a hold of their loved ones to let them know about the attack. People who were trapped under the buildings were trying to notify the outside world of their whereabouts by using their cellular phones.

In conclusion, People use cell phones because they give them opportunities to communicate with others at any place and at any time. I think any rules that restrict cell phones usage are inapplicable because they eliminate that opportunity. The best decision is to provide tools to solve problems caused by cell phones and to keep the opportunity to use cell phones everywhere.

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